Modbap Modular

Modbap Modular is a black owned and made in america line of eurorack modular synthesizers and electronic music instruments by Beatppl. Founded by Corry Banks, Modbap Modular was born from the Modbap Movement with a simple mission to dev tools for beat-driven hip-hop leaning modular artists. It is our goal to develop eurorack modules from the beatmaker’s perspective. 

It’s almost impossible to explain Modbap Modular without answering the question – “What is ModBap?” 

 MODBAP is the fusion of modular synthesis and boom-bap (or any form of hip-hop) music production. The term was created by Banks as a denotation of his experiments with modular synthesis and boom-bap music production. From that point forward, a movement was born where like-minded creatives built a community around the idea of Modbap.  Modbap Modular is the result of that movement in synthesizer design space where we’d previously not existed.


About the Founder

Corry Banks – Owner | Founder | Designer

A pioneer of the Modbap community and movement, Corry Banks coined the term “Modbap”. As the founder of BBoyTechReport, Beatppl, and Modbap Modular,  Banks focuses on assuring the voice of hip-hop is present in music technology. Banks’ passion is to bridge the gap between hip-hop and modular synthesis.



We value community and enjoy bringing folks together. Together we learn and grow. The "We" perspective is infinitely more powerful than the "I" perspective.


HipHop culture is where modbap was born. Our aim is to add to the culture and bring like minds together via music-tech. In HipHop we have always used music tech tools that weren't designed by us or for our genre. Modbap is the first black owned and designed eurorack synth company. Our tools are made for hiphop.


Modbap was born out of experimentation and pushing the boundaries. We encourage experimentation in the spirit of creativity, art, technology, teaching, and learning.


We love sampling and synthesis equally. As a core component of hiphop and boombap music, sampling is a core production technique. We embrace it as such.


We love synthesis and sampling equally. As a transformative, sometimes technical, and highly creative form of expressiveness, synthesis is anything and everything imaginative.


We proudly enjoy syncopated and quantized beatmaking as much as we love off-grid sloppy drum programming.


Modbap Social Club

If Facebook is your place, join us on our Facebook group and share your fav videos etc. Pose a question or start a conversation.


Another place to hang with modbap enthusiasts. Join the discussions and/or just hang out with us.

Beatppl Podcast

Beatppl Podcast is a youtube podcast series created and hosted by BboyTech. The podcast features chats on music-tech nerdery from a hiphop perspective.

Organizations We Support

Afrorack is an organization that champions in Equal Access to Music Technology for black and brown youth through STEM education in the arts.

Give a Beat’s mission is to reduce the harmful effects of incarceration through music production education.

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