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Osiris Manual Available Now!

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Osiris Manual is available now for your perusing pleasure.

Osiris is our brand new Bi-Fidelity ™ Wavetable eurorack module. Announced in September of 2021, Osiris boasts 4 banks of 32×32 wavetables for a total of 128 wavetables comprised of an amazingly vast 4,096 waveforms. Osiris’ neatly packed design takes wavetable synthesis and introduces timbre modes – wave folding and phase modulation, fidelity control, sub-oscillator with independent control via sub v/oct, 10 CV inputs, 11 knobs, 4 buttons, VCA, and decay envelope.

All of that said… Osiris is deceptively deep yet approachable and fun. So, how could we possibly introduce such a cool module without explaining all of “things”. Well, this is where the nearly 50-page Osiris user manual comes into play.

Download it out here

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