‘Make, Shape, Move’ – The Beginners Guide To Modular


If you are new to modular synthesis ‘Make, Shape, Move’ – The Beginners Guide To Modular will provide a solid fundamental understanding of Eurorack Modular Synthesis. If you are a seasoned pro, consider this a reference guide and a refresher on the basics. The best part about it? It’s free – provided as a resource to the community.

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In collaboration with SynthDawg, Modbap Modular presents ‘Make, Shape, Move’ – The Beginners Guide To Modular.

Modular synthesis provides the ability to assemble and combine individual devices to create your own synthesizer or effect rack or a drum machine or or or……. In fact, the permutations of modular configurations are almost endless. The words ‘typically’ and ‘generally’ are used a lot in this guide but in reality, there can always be deviations from the norm. This exploration and trying the usual things is what adds to the interest and challenge of modular.

The beauty of modular rigs is the ability to create your own instrument. Each unit has a specific role and function and units are ‘patched’ together with cables that not only route an audio signal but also provide control signals for operating the device functions. There are numerous modular devices available that encourage creativity.

But where do you start? Experimentation and just diving in on a journey is great, but it helps to have some basic knowledge. This is where this guide comes to the rescue. Offering a few basic principles and a general roadmap on getting started is what this is about.

This guide is designed for beginners, to help get started and give a leg up to the first steps in the world of modular. Every journey is different and the choices and chosen pathways can lead to new adventures. This guide doesn’t design you a rig but it does highlight the choices and considerations needed to design your own.

Enjoy the ride!


  • introduction
  • Case & Power
  • Accessories
  • Make Sound
  • Shape Sound
  • Move Sound
  • Effects
  • Glossary
  • About Us
  • Index


  • 90 Pages
  • Standard PDF – eBook
  • Written by Synth Dawg and Corry “BboyTech” Banks
  • Beautiful and easy to read format


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