Modbap20 Powered Eurorack Case


**Limited Edition**

Compact Powered Tabletop Eurorack Case perfect for converting the Modbap Modular Per4mer into a self-contained desktop effects unit.

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Introducing the special edition Pod20 customized for ModBap Modular by 4ms, the Modbap20.

The Modbap20 Powered Eurorack Case can be your on-ramp to eurorack, a great option for a focused mini system, or a live control surface, or the perfect way to expand a larger system. The Modbap20 is 20HP in width, and 34mm deep with 4ms power bus boards.  The included power brick and your favorite combination of up to 20HP modules are all you need to get started with your new mini system, control pod, performance pod, effects pod, or whatever you so desire.



  • 20HP wide, 34mm deep powered Eurorack case
  • power brick (included)
  • Available power: 0.7A (+12V), 0.28A (-12V), 0.2A (+5V)
  • Rugged anodized aluminum construction


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