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Yes. Our modules are currently sold in retail stores both domestically and internationally. If you are a retail store looking for information about carrying our products, please contact us via our contact form and we will connect you with our distributor. Otherwise, reach out to our distributor, Electro-Distro, directly. If you are a customer looking for our modules request them at you local store.

Hold ‘Shift + Comp + Color +Tap’ for longer than 2 seconds. Per4mer will reset to the original default settings.

The instructions below are a guide. Always follow the instructions that are provided with each update.

1. Download the firmware update (link to firmware download above in the Firmware box).

2. Remove the device from the rack and ensure power is disconnected.

3. Connect device using a micro usb connection to the module and USB to a mac or PC. The module LED will illuminate. Power for the programming function is provided by the USB connection to the PC / Mac.

4. Open the programming utility at electro-smith github within the PC / Mac browser. https://electro-smith.github.io/Programmer/

*It is recommended to use Chrome browser to ensure scripting compatibility.*

5. On the module, firstly hold the boot button and then press the reset button. The module will enter boot mode and the LED may appear slightly brighter.

6. On the programming page, press ‘Connect’.

7. The option pop up box will open and select ‘DFU in FS Mode’.

8. Click the bottom left option to select a file using the browser. Select the .bin firmware update file from the PC / Mac.

9. Click ‘program’ in the bottom programming section window. The status bar indicators will show erase status followed by upload status.

10.When complete disconnect the usb connection and reinstall into the rack.

11. Power on.

Connect the 10 pin connector from the IDC ribbon power cable to the header on the rear side of the module. Ensure that the pins are aligned correctly with the red stripe on the ribbon conductor closest to the -12V pin on the header.

Insert the cable through the rack and connect the 16 pin side of the IDC ribbon cable to the rack power supply header. Ensure that the pins are aligned correctly with the red stripe on the ribbon conductor closest to the -12V pin on the header.

Per4mer has stereo functionality provided by 2 mono inputs which are the source for the left and right audio signal to be processed. The processed signal is fed to the audio left and right outputs.

The power rating is +12v @ 50mA
-12v @ 50mA
+5v @ 0mA. 

The mini-arcade buttons are 24mm in diameter. They  have a life-cycle rating of 10 million button presses. They are “clickless” arcade buttons with smooth performance action.

Modbap Modular’s digital modules are built on the ElectroSmith Daisy platform. 

ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, High fidelity AKM stereo audio codec with up to 24-bit 192kHz, 64MB of SDRAM, and 8MB of flash memory. 12-bit Digital to Analog Converters(x2). For more details head over to the Electrosmith website. 

For the Per4mer, hardware runs at  24-bit on the daisy since that’s how the codec communicates. Per4mer effects processing is done at 48kHz

Sure. Feel free to contact us via the contact page. We are a very small company but we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours. In the meantime, we’ve created a great Per4mer User Manual for your reference.  We are also building a dope forum with helpful hints and a wonderfully helpful community. Check it out.

Limited Warranty

Modbap Modular warrants all products to be free of manufacturing defects related to materials and/or construction for a period of one (1) year following the product’s purchase date by the original owner as certified by proof of purchase (i.e. receipt or invoice)

This non-transferrable warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse of the product, or any unauthorized modification of the product’s hardware or firmware.

Modbap Modular reserves the right to determine what qualifies as misuse at their discretion and may include but is not limited to damage to the product caused by 3rd party related issues, negligence, modifications, improper handling, exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and excessive force